The Virus

About the game

The Virus is not what you think!

It’s within every team, every social interaction, every human contact. It hides very well behind personal ambition, goals, competitive spirit, and routine at work. It thrives when people keep their distance! This virus has been with us since cavemen and women chose to live in communities. Can you kill it? Only if you trust yourself and others!


The game is designed as short gamification used in between theory sessions for workshops that analyze:

•Team communication
•Cross departmental collaboration
•Goal Prioritization
•Project management.

It’s recommended as a starting session, revealing to the participants the obvious, that without the above bullet points, there’s no way we can work together and succeed as one organization.

The virus is a game that can be played again and again, with debriefing sessions following each effort, pointing out improvements, and reminding of the theory.

Game Images