Hackathon Online

About the game

Hackers are a special breed: intuitive, smart, ambitious, skilled, and, above all, out-of-the-box thinkers & doers! Teaming them up is another challenge altogether & the dual goal of this demanding game. Go online, tune your team brains up, solve as many riddles as possible & hack the coded message to reach the highest score.

Performing better & faster than the rest of the hacker teams goes without saying here!


HACKATHONline is programmed as follows:

Quick guide: The participants are split into teams and receive the game manual in their email, which informs the teams about the rules and the technologies involved.

The game manual is sent several days before the event, getting everyone ready and “psyched” for the upcoming contest. On the day of the contest, the teams will receive a password to access the e-book with the riddles.

When the game is on, the leader of each team registers in the game’s platform in order to send their answers to the scoring system, while everyone gets in a puzzle-solving frenzy!

The Hacking challenge: you and your teammates will need to solve as many riddles as you can. When you solve any riddle, let your leader know, to register your answers to the online platform using his/her smartphone to win alphabet letters & points.

These letters correspond to a source code, the coded message is written in and your team's final goal. The team with the highest score at the end of the game will be the winning one, awarded with the Best Hackers Ever badge!

Game Images