About the game

Teams of extremely skilled hackers are gathered in a room for the absolute hacking showdown! Your goal is to hack the code that unlocks the safety box with the grand prize!

If you want to achieve that, you will have to apply all your intelligence and imagination to solve the most exciting riddles and do it better than the rest of the teams.


Hackathon is played in three rounds:

INTRODUCTION: Our Game Master will present the game, informing the teams about the rules and the technologies involved. The introduction session gets everyone ready and “psyched” for the upcoming contest. The teams will then receive a booklet full of riddles and small tasks, while they register in the game’s platform and prepare to send answers to the scoring system.

SEMIFINAL ROUND: This is where the conference room turns into a huge hacking hive! Teams form the strategies that will help them tackle as many riddles as possible. There are several things that happen as the teams register their answers to the system. A cipher code is revealed, the score of the teams is projected live in the room and encrypted messages need to be addressed! At the end of this round, the best teams will progress into the final round.

FINAL ROUND: This is where the finalists are competing on a single riddle that will reveal the safety box’s code. The teams get excited as they try to extract the code out of a tangram shape. Those who didn’t make it to the final round, have a second chance to win a prize, by betting their points from round 1, on the finalists. The team that cracks the safety box code is the champion!

Game Images