Escape the Dome

About the game

A challenging outdoor game that will keep your adrenaline pumping.

A deadline is given. You’ll have an hour to escape the dome. To break out, you and your teammates will have to bring back the balance that is disturbed! Get the scale back to 0 and you’re free to go! Fail, and you’ll be trapped forever… under the dome!


The game is designed to be played in open outdoor spaces. 

The players need to reach a score of 0 starting from -100.

To achieve that, they’ll test their knowledge and skills in some demanding tasks that lay under the dome. If they answer correctly to a task, they reduce the gap to 0. If they answer wrong, they fall further away from their goal!

The game utilizes the latest Loquiz features, offering complete control for the game master, with the “facilitator’s panel”, a menu through which the facilitators can affect the game by pausing it for coffee breaks, adding more tasks for teams who are finishing the existing ones, finishing the game earlier, helping teams who fall behind and even getting the teams to move faster.

The outer perimeter of the dome is trapped with “mines” so noon can escape without taking damage. As if this challenge was not enough, teams are not alone under the dome. There are 3 characters who roam around. One of them grants points to teams that cross his path. The other one is deducting points from their score. The third one is a tough negotiator. Teams will have to try very hard not to be fooled by him.

Which team is going to escape first? If any?...

Game Images