The Pharaoh

This game is a very powerful evaluation and training tool.

It is mainly focusing on 2 different but very important assets in Project management.

Soft skills and Hard skills.

The players, working their subgroups, need to manage resources, calculate results, plan ahead and decide when and if they should take any risks.

At the same time, each member of the subgroups and the team in its entirety can make or break the process with the use or misuse of their soft skills.

This game is all about communication, conflict resolution, negotiations, adaptability, and leadership!

The balance between Soft skills and Hard skills and the use of the diversity brought in by each member of the team is the key to success.

What's in it for your people?

  • Pharaoh can help you evaluate teams or even personalities.
  • It’s multilayered and carefully structured mechanics offers a chance for a great variety of debriefing subjects.
  • As a tool, it can be used to enhance training on Soft skills, Project management, Leadership skills, Emotional intelligence, Budgeting, etc.

Where we focus during the game