The Pharaoh

About the game

King Khufu, the second Pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty, or as we like to call him, his majesty, has decided to build his Pyramid tomb, to leave his mark of greatness for generations to come.

The pyramid must be beautiful and mighty and will rise high above the valley of Kings, to inspire spectators while leaving them in awe of his almightiness.

Most, fortunately (or not), you are one of the royal architects (within the team of experts). Through you, Cheops intends to create his vision. Though he is not well known for his patience or his ability to stand failures, he is a generous king that will grant you and your family wealth and status if your work will meet his expectations.


This game is a very powerful evaluation and training tool.

It is mainly focusing on 2 different but very important assets in Project management.

Soft skills and Hard skills.

The players, working their subgroups, need to manage resources, calculate results, plan and decide when and if they should take any risks.

At the same time, each member of the subgroups and the team in its entirety can make or break the process with the use or misuse of their soft skills.

This game is all about communication, conflict resolution, negotiations, adaptability, and leadership!

The balance between Soft skills and Hard skills and the use of the diversity brought in by each member of the team is the key to success.

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