Battle Royale

About the game

A game genre that is popular amongst console and PC gamers is now available for live team action.

Be the first team to escape the closing circle of the game area and get the most points (secondary mission).


The teams play in a “confined” space surrounded by mines that deduct points. Their mission is to find the key to unlock the mechanism that keeps them inside the area. The confined space gets smaller as time passes so the teams need to hurry up and finish the tasks that will lead them closer to the key before these are covered by mines.

A few more details: Once a team finds the key, the circle of the game area that is covered with the point-deducting tasks, changes into an area full of + points. The teams will have a limited amount of time to arrive at the outside area of the circle as they also try to collect as many of these bonus points as they can. If greed gets under their skin, and they stay longer to collect bonus points, they might regret it as the mines return to normal after a minute or two!

Game Images