Magic Box

The Magic Box device is a great idea for each event.
Company events, escape rooms, teambuilding events are only few examples where you can use it. In brief – Magic Box is an entertainment device simulating an escape room in a suitcase.

What’s the potential

  1. The device is fully programmable
  2. Multilingual (8 languages + 2 custom)
  3. It produces up to 6-digit code after each module is deactivated that can be used on Loquiz
  4. Can store up to 99 game presets
  5. Can help build more diverse games
    • Loquiz is the main platform and the Magic box is the final task
    • Hand in hand gameplay with Loquiz and the box sharing time during game

Shareable Games library

We have started developing games for the Magic Box. Our game will be of 3 different gameplay types.

  • 1 Magic Box per team
  • Multiple teams per Magic Box
  • 1 device per game