Clue Game

About the game

A versatile game for indoor or outdoor scavenger hunts with clues based on the facilities.

Look for clues around the designated area and get points answering the related questions. Move strategically from one game zone (designated area) to another and complete as many tasks as possible. Physical facilitated activities are included, offering variety and a chance for the teams to win a lot of points.


The game is designed to be played indoors or outdoors or combine both.

Since the game is based on the facilities, the tasks need to be configured if the facilities are not always the same.

It is recommended for hotels and conference centers who wish to offer their own games to clients that choose their facilities for conferences and company meetings.

The game utilizes the latest Loquiz features, offering complete control for the game master, with the “facilitator’s panel”, a menu through which the facilitators can affect the game by pausing it for coffee breaks, adding more tasks for teams who are finishing the existing ones, finishing the game earlier, helping teams who fall behind and even getting the teams to move faster.

Additionally, the game uses “Playgrounds” to offer a virtual map of the facilities, helping teams orientate better and locate the physical activities in the premises.

Game Images