How important is safety?

Everyone agrees that safety in the workplace is important, but how important is it?

Accidents cause financial and productivity loss in business, and there are regulatory requirements. Moreover, accidents affect both the colleagues and the personal lives of the injured persons and their families, at times with personal tragedies as a result.

When we go to work we expect to return home uninjured. Unfortunately, without proper attention to safety, this doesn’t always happen.

Accidents can be prevented. The target for workplace safety should be 0 accidents. No one gets injured. No one. At no time. Nowhere. One accident is one too many. How many companies are living up to this mission statement? Is your company one of them?

Which of the following statements apply to your workplace?

“At present safety actually is more an appendix or disturbance to the daily operations”

"We have a person responsible for safety, so everybody else can focus on the important business"

“Safety is in the DNA of our organisation: ALL people take full responsibility for safety as the highest priority - more important than on-time-delivery, line speed, profit margins or shareholders value”

“Most people in our organisation are frequently doing a safety risk assessment”

“Risk assessments for safety is a specialist job - so we have only experts dealing with that. Others concentrate on the business”

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